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        VirtuaWin是一款小巧好用,且支持插件,开源的虚拟桌面软件。VirtuaWin软件本身可以模拟多个桌面,并且通过插件还可以实现进程管理,桌布替换等功能。而且完全免费、开源,供开发者使用研究。软件启动后显示在系统托盘,左键点击出现布局设置,右键可以进行功能设置。该软件为 VC++ 编写,且其作者主页上有源码和其他实用扩展插件下载。

VirtuaWin Ver 4.2 更新日志:

2980468 Added VW_CMENUITEM module message so modules can add items to the main control menu
3011201 Restructured help topic tree to have fewer top level items.
2976228 Allowed up to 5sec for VW to detect taskbar before complaining
2980490 Added direct desktop change options to control menu and created compact & standard versions with hotkey & mouse options.
2976533 Fixed loss of minimized window thumbnail on Win7, added "Only hide taskbar button ..." expert option to disable it in case of side effects
2918536 Reduced outlook lockups by modifying set foreground window algorithm
2978143 Fixed Minimize hide method issue on Windows 7
2979653 Brought back "Hide minimized windows on desktop change" expert opt
2979675 Added "Make windows of this type always on top" option in Win rules
2979883 Added VW_HOTKEY module message so modules can execute hotkey cmds
2912583 VirtuaWin Added "Only change when dragging a window" mouse option.
2979884 Added "WIN: Bring to the top" hotkey command
2979817 Added "Operate on window under mouse" hotkey option
2122513 Added 64bit OS support for dynamic toolbar and added error message documenting dynamic toolbar is not supported on Win7
2905598 Added WIN as a mouse modifier (submitted patch)
2959463 Implemented clicking on window list desk names to change desktop
2950454 Added hidden option lastDeskNoDelay to disable the 1sec delay before updating last desktop, used by "NAV: Return to last desktop" command
Improved module IMAGE message so that 6 & 7 return the desktop size and 8 toggles auto image create state (so a module can temporarily disable it)
2969735 Support Win Rule Window Name to be '' to mean no name.
2901801 UAC support - recognise elevated windows and not class them as hung
2902879 Handle failue to call EnumWindows better.
2901797 Fixed Window Menu -> Info feature for an elevated window.
2901729 Fixed start-up issues on windows 7
2892755 Fixed ** win rule matching.



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